Tradesy is an e-commerce website where you can sell anything from designer clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and all ceremonial-related items, from gowns to tuxedos. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Not only do you pay 15-20% of the sales proceeds to the site, you pay an additional 3% when you want to cash out your earnings. He, Helen Spallas has worn many hats--investigator, janitor, tax preparer --but she didn't make six. I get an email from Tradesy saying they are requesting the buyer to send the item to them for inspection before sending back to me. Took a chance. The transfer fee is for the payment processing fees Tradesy pays on your behalf when you sell an item. I am angry that Tradesy has tried to keep this important return information from me and I'm wondering when I'll get a say in all of this, if at all. How many days has it been since you purchased the handbag? You can make money teaching it online. This processing fee is covered by Tradesy at the time of check out when a buyer places an order, so there is, unfortunately, no way to waive this fee unless you decide to use your earnings to shop on Tradesy. Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! I will definitely recommend Tradesey to those looking to purchase a quality designer product. I took a chance and when I received my purchase it was perfect! Can You Pay Off a credit card with another Credit card? LOVE IT and very easy to use and several opinions to pay for your product. Dont dream of branded item if you are cheap. So if you put your trust on tradesy, you are 100% WRONG and will get scammed. I love the site!! I was anxiously hoping that I made the right decision to purchase this item. Thank you! This is far from the experience we want our customers to have, and extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience here. We hope this sheds light on our authentication process. Like other resell sites, Tradesy serves as a middleman service that links a selling fashionista to a buying fashionista. It shouldn't take more than a week for the seller to ship out the item. i never got 1 phone call in 2 weeks. No problem. I have read on other sites that Tradesy keep the returns and seller is SOL. Overall, Tradesy is a higher-end luxury marketplace that features a chic and curated aesthetic. use a hair dryer However, this doesnt apply to wedding items. According to Forbes, the resale is predicted to grow significantly. They only communicate your earnings when you list an item, they dont tell you that when you choose to cash out your earnings, you will be charged an extra fee for cashing out YOUR money. The seller that I had however was non-communicative and although I love my purchase, there was glue on the handles of the bag and the tissue paper that it was wrapped in stuck to this glue which makes me question the seller. Why on earth would I seel a MOLDY bag to anyone??? You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. I will never use nor would I ever recommend selling on this site. Not all items can be sold on Tradesy; here are the common items you can sell on the platform. And as of 2023, eBay has over 135 million active users on its site and over 600 thousand monthly downloads of its mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Last updated Feb. 14, 2023 by Peter Jakes. The last suggestion that was made to me was: It was delivered December 29th. I have called and emailed several times regarding an item that came to me broken and fake! If our Quality Control and Authentication review finds the item did not match the listing, you may have any seller badges removed, and your account may be negatively impacted. The fair market value is determined by tradesy so in effect they will return any items their curators do not like regardless of value. Your Bag is Empty, Start Shopping! Purchased an item from La Dolce Vitae, excellent service, arrived in 2 days, exactly as pictured in very good condition. I do not shop with tradesy any longer. Tradesy's long list of restricted items is not allowed to be sold or listed on the site as they may pose a safety risk or policy violations . I understand why you don't want items held up in bags where folks don't respect the need to move on, but it's hard to shop seriously when the clock is ticking in the bag for only a few minutes. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. When I tried to complain & return the item, Blair said that the bag left the headquarters in perfect condition. Poshmark is an online marketplace best known for mens, womens, and childrens fashion. However, you can avoid paying the transfer fee on Tradesy by spending it on Tradesy. Cookie Notice If I were you, I'd contact Tradesy immediately. I had subterranean expectations, but I took the chance since Tradesy gives a site credit. in /nfs/c05/h04/mnt/113983/domains/ . I understand why you don't want items held up in bags Louis Vuitton Artsy handbag in Aurore Red. If you are a buyer and want to return an item for any reason (unless the item is a final sale), you can return it by following the steps below: 1. Tradesy ranks 1st among Used Clothing sites. I sold some stuff, I asked over 10 times to release my funds and they kept suspending it saying something was wrong. The rep said I can send photos of the item as it was being packaged as they are still waiting for the return, but guess what? It's all good!;-). So if the wedding dress doesnt fit, for example, the buyer is out of luck. The names List Perfectly, Vendoo, Crosslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Kidizen, and Etsy, as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners. New members on Tradesy receive a $25 discount on their first purchase above $199. Since Vestiaire provides the shipping label for the sale, you may see your shipping carriers change from sale to sale. . i purchased a $400.00 bag and have not heard anything from the seller. We believe that our competitive 19.8% commission fee coupled with our always-free listings allow more of the earnings from your Tradesy sale to end up in your pocket compared to most other resale options - both on and off the web. This is often due to the lack of incentives to offer customers. When you receive an offer, you have up to 48 hours to accept, decline or make a counter-offer. I had been given a pair of these shoes but they were too small, I absolutely loved them so I began my search and found the exact pair in better shape and packed to perfection with cute Halloween string tied around the tissue paper. On the other hand, Tradesy is majorly based on womens clothing and accessories and is a bit more selective in terms of brands you can sell. We want to do anything we can to make each experience worthy of your best possible rating! Looking for a nice leather purse. Sellers can quickly re-list them on the platform and sell them to other buyers. Like Tradesy, people buy and sell clothing and accessories on eBay. Tradesy has a very liberal return policy and a very high return rate; they're notorious for it. It has been 26 days since my item was delivered to the customer on Tradesy and I still dont have a dime. Sitejabbers sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. Otherwise, you can simply register via their official website whichever method is convenient for you. I will not purchase here again. It is always our goal to provide excellent customer service, If theres anything else specific youd like to share, that would help make your Tradesy experience even better please let us know. I'm sure glad I did! I hope the class suit action closes this scam company down! the response that consumers are reading from the customer service rep is very typicalthey say the same thing to everyoneand nothing of a resolution transpires. In that case, you will ship to Vestiaires hub for the item to be reviewed, and then Vestiaire ships the item to the buyer if it passes the review. Hi Sonya,We recently reviewed your feedback and wanted to follow up with you. The shoes were carefully packaged and it came with the original Gucci Box and dust bags with the cards. Regardless, I will be sure to share your feedback with our Product Team in hopes that they will revisit the sellers' commission structure. If your concern falls into more than one category, you can just select one reason and enter your other concerns in the space provided on the next screen. When it exceeds 250 products in a month, youll have to pay $0.35 for each product you list. Any item not covered by the Return Policy. to air the bag outside Backed by the National Science Foundation, I've also had my funds say they went through on Tradesy but checked my. Packaged with style as though Coco herself sent me this bag. It is always our goal to provide excellent customer service, If theres anything else specific youd like to share, that would help make your Tradesy experience even better please let us know. Very good. However, the site also holds seller money hostage for an extended period, spurring copious complaints from sellers. Heres what happens next. Thanks Tradesy. i forgot to add their promo code which would have saved 60$ on my 700$ purchase. Do not use Tradesy everything negative you read in reviews is true unfortunately. There was no sign that the item was on final sale. YOU WILL NEVER EVER see YOUR MONEY AGAIN! It takes at least 10 days to get paid. I return the bag to Tradesy for authentication and received a refund. when not using bag to take the lining out. Tradesy will now return most items to sellers (they would previously resell themselves). This figure means eBay is much larger than Tradesy in terms of the overall market and audience size. Because they want you to use your earnings for purchases on their app. Tradesy people don't see the items unless it is sold and the buyer complains about authenticity. Because of this, we had to update our return policy to accommodate for Covid, as well as the safety of our team. We were blown away. Learn more here. OneShop is a financial technology company, not a bank. !I do not recommend this site for sellers !! The high costs and slow pay earned Tradesy a substandard Husl$score. In addition, there are thousands of designers and brands available on Tradesy. So in total, the selling price made by the seller, plus the shipping fee, would be the total amount paid by the buyer. The label is free of charge and you will be able to print it from your Vestiaire account at the time of shipping. I received the Louie Vuitton that I wanted and I love it so much! If you plan to sell more expensive items, then eBay may be a cheaper platform as it offers a lower standard sales fee. Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break".Did you mean to use "continue 2"? If it is deemed misrepresented by our Returns Team we will issue a refund to the original payment source.Additionally, You can request a return for any reason within 4 days of delivery. What are the Advantages of Using Tradesy to Purchase Products? But all the reviews said it was legit and I could not find the item anywhere else. -Tradesy will return all items deemed above fair market value. We hope we were able to address all of your concerns, but if there's anything else you need please don't hesitate to ask. Hi Marie,We recently reviewed your feedback and wanted to follow up with you. Larry Ludwig may well be the poster child for why people recommend blogging as a side hustle. Putting money down right away to see if it's a match is not a problem, as there is no upfront payment required until after the trial. Consumers satisfied with Tradesy most frequently mention great experience, customer service and fast delivery.Tradesy ranks 1st among Used Clothing sites. Tradesy also streamlines your shipping process. Youll see as you have sales on Vestiaire, that you may qualify for the Trusted Seller badge and/or the Expert Seller Badge. It offers free unlimited listing. Moreover, you also are not permitted to create a single listing of multiple items. You can choose to disable the option to make an offer on an individual item or your entire closet. Payment: You can withdraw your earnings using Paypal, a debit card, ACH transfer, or even use Payability, which now offers daily payouts for Tradesy sellers. Any item priced between $100 USD and $16,500 USD has a selling fee of 12%. They have stolen money that is mine. This is far from the experience we want our buyers to have, and extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience here.We encourage sellers to accurately list their items, and in cases that a buyer feels it was not accurately described they can file a return as a misrepresentation claim within 4 days of delivery. We want to do anything we can to make each experience worthy of your best possible rating! I have ALL my bags authenticated BEFORE I list for sale and of course have the documentation to prove it. Lastly, any item priced above $16,500 USD will have a fixed selling fee of $2,000 USD. Hand-written note along with a cute thank you card on the inside. Over time, Tradesy has gone on to become one of the best e-commerce and e-marketplaces in the world. Easy return, arrives on time and comes securely packed. Another difference between eBay and Tradesy is the eBay auction feature that lets sellers set time limits on sales and favours the highest bidder with this; youre guaranteed to get the best price. I will write to BBB and I hope people will do the same. i recently puchased a purse on Tradesy and the item on trdesy was not shipped to me Terry T shipped the same style but a replica a fake purse i regret buying anything on tradesy im very dissapointed ! Might do so later when I have time or if I decide to purchase again from Tradesy, depending on my satisfaction with this (my first) purchase. Stumbled across Tradesy on Safari. and now im not sure what to do or how to return that fake purse. Affirm, allows me to get great items and look like a million bucks on layaway status and sometimes we need that Plan. Tradesy provides an accessible 24/7 customer support team. Hi James,We recently reviewed your feedback and wanted to follow up with you. - just as described by the seller. Learn more here. and our Thrift Store Flipping: Best Items to Resell for Profit, The Fastest Ways To Sell Your Books Online For Cash, 13 Best Small Business Apps to Grow Your Business, 16 Best Mobile Payment Apps for Small Businesses, How to Start an E-commerce Business that Makes Money, 26 Legit Stay-at-Home Dad Jobs to Make Money, 17 Legit Online Surveys That Pays (How to make money with survey), 61 quick Things To Sell To Make Money fast, The 3 Budget Categories You Need to Stick to Your Simple Budget, How to Make a Personal Budget in 6 Easy Steps, 18 Best Budgeting Methods That Actually Work, How To Budget Your Money In 9 (very Simple) Steps, 17 Blank Budget Worksheets to Manage Your Money, How to Write a Check: A Complete Step by Step Guide. My merchandise was treated as if its their own. For items priced at less than $150, the payment processing fee . Privacy Policy.
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